The vision behind Zúme Training

to saturate the world with multiplying disciples
in our generation.


Our Core Strategy

Holiness, Prayer, Training Saturation, Church Saturation

Holiness, Obedience, and Love

We need to be disciples worth multiplying.

Jesus Measurement

Jesus is our measurement.

Not you. Not me. Not history. Not ideals. Not rituals. Jesus and Jesus alone.

How he lived. What he said. How he loved. Everything. In this, we aspire to be marked by immediate, radical, costly obedience to Jesus, like the heroes of the faith that came before us.

Jesus is both the measurement and His Spirit is our hope to become like Him. And the day we see kingdom fruit surrounding our lives and the loves of our friends, it will be because his Spirit has moved through us.

Extraordinary Prayer

Extraordinary prayer has proceeded every disciple making movement in history.

Extraordinary Prayer

You have not because you ask not (James 4:2). If we want to see movement, we need to ask for it.

Training Saturation

(1 Training ÷ Population)

1 Training

Training Saturation

Every 5,000 People (North America)
Every 50,000 People (Globally)

Disciple multiplication ideas are scriptural, but often missed. A simple training in multiplication principles can unlock even established believers from unfruitful lives.

Live trainings are often best. But the people who need trained, so vastly extends beyond the live trainings available. Zume.Training is an online, in-life, on-demand training for groups to get paradigm-shifting multiplication training.

We suspect, especially in places where the church has been, we will need a training movement before we see a disciple making movement.

Simple Church Saturation

(2 Simple Churches ÷ Population)

2 Simple Churches

Church Saturation

Every 5,000 People (North America)
Every 50,000 People (Globally)

Many churches in one place is a blessing, but many churches in many places is a greater blessing. And churches moving into places where there has never been a church one of the greatest blessings.

As the saying goes, "Plan your trust, don't trust your plan". We know it is the Father's heart to have families of believers in every tongue, tribe, and nation. He has also invited us to be his co-workers in reconciliation. So these goals of 1 training and 2 churches come from our trust in the one who can do it.