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Get started with Zúme Training

Create your own training group

Join a training group

Gather a few friends or go through the course with an existing small group. Create your own training group and track your progress.


Join a training group

Join a training group

If you can‘t gather a group right now, consider joining one of our online training groups lead by an experienced Zúme coach.


Request a coach

Join a training

We can connect you with free Zúme coach who is committed to helping you understand the training and become a fruitful disciple.

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Course Overview

Group doing zume

Course Concepts

In this self-facilitated course, you and your training group will use short videos, discussion questions, and simple exercises to develop your skills and knowledge in the following areas:

Discipleship Concepts

  • God Uses Ordinary People
  • Simple Definition of Disciple and Church
  • Spiritual Breathing is Hearing and Obeying God
  • Consumer vs Producer Lifestyle
  • Spiritual Economy
  • Duckling Discipleship – Leading Immediately
  • Eyes to See Where the Kingdom Isn’t
  • A Person of Peace and How To Find One
  • Faithfulness is Better Than Knowledge
  • Leadership Cells
  • Expect Non-Sequential Growth
  • Pace of Multiplication Matters
  • Always Part of Two Churches
  • Leadership in Networks
  • Peer Mentoring Groups

Spiritual Practices

  • S.O.A.P.S. Bible Study
  • Accountability Groups
  • How to Spend an Hour in Prayer
  • Relational Stewardship – List of 100
  • The Gospel and How to Share It
  • Baptism and How To Do It
  • Prepare Your 3-Minute Testimony
  • Vision Casting the Greatest Blessing
  • The Lord’s Supper and How To Lead It
  • Prayer Walking and How To Do It
  • The BLESS Prayer Pattern
  • 3/3 Group Meeting Pattern
  • Training Cycle for Maturing Disciples
  • Three-Month Plan
  • Coaching Checklist
  • Four Fields Tool
  • Generational Mapping
  • 3-Circles Gospel Presentation

Training Schedules

Zúme is 20 hours of training. But those 20 hours can be broken up differently depending on your training group‘s availability.

10 Sessions

The original Zúme course format is 10 two hour sessions. Each session finishes with practical obedience steps and ways to share in-between sessions. This format is often run once a week for 10 weeks.

20 Sessions

For a longer slower pace course with more opportunity for gaining competence in the concepts and skills, the 20 session format has more practice opportunities for each of the concepts and tools.


Zúme can be compressed into 5 half day sections of 4 hours each. This can be done with a Friday evening (4 hours), and all day Saturday (8 hours) and all day Sunday (8 hours).

What is required?

Needed for the course:

  • At least 3 people, but ideally less than 12.
  • Commitment to spend 20 hours learning and practicing the concepts and tools in the course.
  • A person to facilitate (potentially you) the meeting time and location, to guide the follow-up discussion, and facilitate action prompts.

NOT needed for the course:

  • More knowledge or experience than the rest of your group is not needed! If you can click next, you can lead a Zúme Training.
  • Special permission to lead a course is not needed! Zúme is self-facilitated, self-initiated, and you can start today.