Spiritual breathing is hearing and obeying God ... all day, every day.

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Breathe In

In the Kingdom, we breathe in when we hear from God through:

  1. HIS WORD - the Bible
  2. PRAYER - our conversations with him
  3. HIS BODY - the church, other followers of Jesus
  4. HIS WORKS - the events, experiences and sometimes even the persecutions and sufferings He allows His children to go through

The good news for every follower of Jesus is that when we breathe IN and HEAR from God and when we breathe OUT and OBEY what we hear and SHARE with others what we’ve heard - God will speak even more clearly.

Breathe Out

In the Kingdom we breathe OUT when we ACT on what we hear from God. We breathe OUT when we OBEY.

Sometimes breathing out to OBEY means changing our thoughts, our words or our actions to bring them into alignment with Jesus and His will. Sometimes breathing out to OBEY means sharing what Jesus has shared with us - giving away what He gave us - so that others can be blessed just as God is blessing us.

For a follower of Jesus - this breathing IN and breathing OUT is critical. It’s our very life.

Ask Yourself

  1. Why is it essential to learn to hear and recognize God's voice?
  2. Is hearing and responding to the Lord really like breathing? Why or why not?

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