Jesus told His followers - “You are witnesses of these things.”

Everybody has a story. This is a chance to practice yours.

As followers of Jesus, we are “witnesses”, too - “testifying” about the impact Jesus has had on our lives. Your story of your relationship with God is called your Testimony. Everybody has a story. Sharing your Testimony is a chance to practice yours.

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3 Basic Kinds of Testimonies

There are endless ways to shape your story, but here are some ways that we’ve seen work well:

  • A Simple Statement - You can share a simple statement about why you chose to follow Jesus. This works well for a brand new believer.
  • Before and After - You can share your “before” and “after” story - what your life was like before you knew Jesus and what your life your life is like now. Simple and powerful.
  • With and Without - You can share your “with” and “without” story - what your life is like “with Jesus” and what it would be like “without Him”. This version of your story works well if you came to faith at a young age.

3 Parts to Sharing Your Testimony

When sharing your story, it’s helpful to think of it as part of a three-part process:

  • Their Story - Ask the person you are talking with to share about their spiritual journey.
  • Your Story - Then share your Testimony shaped around their experience.
  • God’s Story - Finally share God’s story in a way that connects with their world-view, values and priorities.

Your Testimony doesn’t have to be lengthy or share too many details to be impactful. In fact, keeping your story to around 3-minutes will leave time for questions and deeper conversation.

If you’re worried about how to get started - keep it simple. God can use your story to change lives, but remember - you’re the one who gets to tell it.

Ask Yourself

  1. What false fears keep us from sharing our testimony?
  2. What makes a testimony effective? Where does its power come from?

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