Peer Mentoring Groups use leader-to-leader mentoring with individual followers of Jesus, with simple churches, with ministry organizations or even with simple church networks.

These groups consist of people who are leading and starting 3/3 Groups. It also follows a 3/3 format and is a powerful way to assess the spiritual health of God’s work in your area. These groups follow Jesus’ example of ministry from scripture, ask questions of one another and give feedback -- all using the same basic time structure as a 3/3 Group.

Jesus said - “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

The purpose of a Peer Mentoring Group is to provide a simple format for helping followers of Jesus grow through prayer, obedience, application and accountability. In other words -- “to love one another.”

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Simple format for leading a Peer Mentoring Group:

LOOK BACK [1/3 of your time]

During the first third - spend time in prayer and care just like you would in a basic 3/3 Group. Then spend time looking at the group’s vision and faithfulness in previous commitments:

How well are you abiding in Christ? [Scripture, prayer, trust, obedience, key relationships?]

Did your group complete your action plans from the last session? Review them.

LOOK UP [1/3 of your time]

Have the group discuss the following simple questions:

  1. How are you doing in each section of the Four Fields diagram?
  2. What is working well? What are your biggest challenges?
  3. Review your current generational map.
  4. What challenged you or what did you find hard to understand?
  5. What is God showing you recently?
  6. Are there any questions from seasoned leaders or other participants?

LOOK FORWARD [1/3 of your time]

Spend time in silent prayer with everyone in the group asking the Holy Spirit to show them how to answer these questions:

  1. What action plans or goals would God have me put into practice before our next time together? [Use the Four Fields tool to help focus your work]
  2. How can my Mentor or other Group Members help me in this work?

Finally spend time as a group talking to God in prayer.

Have the group pray so that each member is prayed for and ask God to prepare the hearts of all those the group will reach out to during their time apart.

Pray for God to give each member of the group the courage and strength to apply and obey what God has taught them in this session. If a seasoned leader needs to pray specifically for a younger leader, this is the perfect time for that prayer.

Since these groups often meet at a distance, you are unlikely to be able to celebrate The Lord’s Supper or share a meal, but be sure to make time to check-in about health and family and friends.

Ask Yourself

  • How is this format for peer mentoring different or similar to other peer mentoring you've experienced either at school or work?

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