The Coaching Checklist is a simple tool you can use to help guide you as you assist others through various parts of becoming a fully equipped disciple. Below is an example of a coaching checklist for the principles taught in Zume Training like The Training Cycle or their List of 100.

Having a Coaching Checklist will help you stay focused and engaged as you develop followers of Jesus into leaders in God’s family, everywhere you go.

This list helps you answer the questions: What skills are you seeing develop in others? What areas still need to be developed?

Listen and Read Along

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The Coaching Checklist is a powerful tool you can use to quickly assess your own strengths and vulnerabilities when it comes to making disciples who multiply. It's also a powerful tool you can use to help others – and others can use to help you.

Download the Coaching Checklist with the link below and take this quick (5-minutes or less) self-assessment:

  1. Read through the Disciple Training Tools in the far left column of the Checklist.
  2. Mark each one of the Training Tools, using the following method:
    • If you're unfamiliar or don't understand the Tool – check the BLACK column
    • If you're somewhat familiar but still not sure about the Tool – check the RED column
    • If you understand and can train the basics on the Tool – check the YELLOW column
    • If you feel confident and can effectively train the Tool – check the GREEN column

Ask Yourself

  1. Which Training Tools did you feel you would be able to train well?
  2. Which ones made you feel vulnerable as a trainer?
  3. Are there any Training Tools that you would add or subtract from the Checklist? Why?

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