A Person of Peace can help rapidly reproduce disciple-making even in a place where followers of Jesus are few and far between. Watch the video below to learn who that person might be and how to know when you've found one.

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When you want to make disciples in a place where not many - or maybe even any - exist, then looking for a Person of Peace might be the most important thing you do.

A Person of Peace is:

  • Someone who is OPEN to hearing Your Story, God’s Story and the Good News of Jesus.
  • Someone who is HOSPITABLE and WELCOMES you into their home or their workplace or to join events with family and friends.
  • Someone who KNOWS OTHERS (or is KNOWN BY OTHERS) and who is excited to draw together a small group or even a crowd.
  • Someone who is FAITHFUL and SHARES what they learn with others - even after you’re gone.

Three Simple Ways to Identify a Person of Peace:

  • ask for recommendations from people in the community -- "Who's someone that's trusted here? Is there someone in this place who thinks of others before themselves?"
  • offer to pray for someone you meet while prayer walking or in your daily rhythms
  • introduce spiritual ideas into every conversation to see if God is working in a person's life

No matter how we find them, remember Jesus said a Person of Peace is someone we should be spending most of our disciple-making time with.

Ask Yourself

  1. Can someone who has a "bad reputation" (like the Samaritan woman or the demon-possessed man in the Gadarenes) really be a Person of Peace? Why or why not?
  2. What is a community or segment of society near you that seems to have little (or no) Kingdom presence? How could a Person of Peace (someone who is OPEN, HOSPITABLE, KNOWS OTHERS and SHARES) accelerate the spread of the Gospel in that community?

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